The five star, award-winning incredible show that you HAVE to see – it will change the way you think about war forever.



Nominated for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY (MODERN) at the 2015 National Dance Awards
Best Dance and Top 10 Dance in 2015 in The Guardian and The Observer; Best Dance and Top 5 Dance in 2015 in The Independent
Best Dance Production 2015 from North East Theatre Guide
Awarded an Arts and Health Special Commendation by the Royal Society for Public Health for the company’s excellent contribution to arts and health practice.

5 SOLDIERS is a moving, dramatic and unique work that looks at how the human body remains essential to war, even in the 21st century.

A visceral ‘tour de force’ of the senses, 5 SOLDIERS provides an intimate view of the training that prepares our soldiers for the sheer physicality of combat, for the possibility of injury, and the impact conflict has on the bodies and minds of everyone it reaches.

The piece has a powerful physicality, moments of humour and is full of honesty, all inspired by input from serving and former soldiers, and has been endorsed as ‘getting it’ by its military audiences. In movement, the performance weaves a story of physical transformation, helping us to understand what makes a soldier and how the experience of warfare affects those that choose to put their life on the line.

“war from a female perspective packs a punch” ★★★★★ The Observer

“simply a five star must-see however you view the armed forces.” Birmingham Press

“Lust, shock and awe… 5 SOLDIERS is a disturbing, illuminating and necessary glimpse into a world we mostly prefer to ignore”
**** The Guardian
“5 Soldiers which, in its humane, unsparing study of modern army life, has taken Kay’s choreography, and dance as a whole, into radically uncharted territory.”
The Guardian
“deeply moving, relevant and so representative of how soldiers are. Arresting and disturbing”
former Green Jacket soldier

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